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Weight: 361.8 pounds Loss since 8/12/14 (366 days): 54.2 pounds
Loss since top weight (423.6 on 9/13/10): 61.8 pounds
Percentage of goal lost: 27.10%
Caloric limit: 2080 per day
Next Milestone: Lose 76 pounds (making it the biggest weight loss I have had in my life)
Next Milestone (Goal): Repeat past milestone of losing 76 pounds (target date: 10/14/15)
Target Date Using Overall Daily Average: 7/18/2018 (1044 more days)
Target Date Using Daily Average Since 8/5/15: 2/5/2016 (154 more days)

Yesterdays food log is NON-EXISTENT


I have lost 20.8 pounds in the last 30 days… I can’t be upset, right? But my loss has been stagnant for the last 7 or 8 days.. so I can be upset, right?

I have been struggling a little with staying under my daily calorie limit… Yesterday for example I didn’t calculate my dinner calories until after dinner and the Hatch Chile, Bacon Quiche was higher than I expected so that caused me to go over.  I need to calculate before hand and then stick to it exactly!!

Thanks for reading and PLEASE comment so I know someone, anyone is reading… you don’t have to say much, just say ‘Hi’ and if you have a minute, click on an affiliate ad.. that helps me out too. My goals for the rest of the week are:

  • Weight myself daily and log into the chart
  • Count every calorie, EVERY day on
  • Work out in some way daily (walking, exercise bike, elliptical, working with weights will be the approved workouts)
  • Drink at least 56 oz of plain water daily
  • Write here at least once a day (small, quick posts are okay)
  • Work on being less depressed
  • At the end of the week: Lose 7 pounds

My planned short term goals and rewards:

  • Goal: Exercise 30+ days and lose over 75 pounds
    • Reward: Buy Season 2 of Bates Motel DVD’s
  • Goal #2: Track calories for 90+ days and 100 pounds lost
    • Reward: Buy myself some sort of fitbit type device to wear that will monitor my activity and sleep patterns (one that will integrate with
  • Goal #3: Drink water for 120+ days and lose 125 pounds
    • Reward: As much as I hate using food as a reward, I will go to Fogo de Chão

Current Mood:Happy emoticon Happy

Interesting article.. I think I will write one on this same subject when I hit 125 pounds lost o-WEIGHT-facebookDon’t get my wrong, I did a lot of stuff right on my weight loss journey. But in hindsight, there are a handful of things I would have changed to make my weight loss experience more pleasurable and less rigid.

Source: If I Started My Weight Loss Journey Over Again, Here’s What I Would Do Differently | Naomi Teeter

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. That’s about the only health mantra that remains constant. Sugar is blacklisted, but eggs are back. Our bodies need fat but the right fat. It seems that nutrition experts are always changing the rules. Here are some of the hottest health trends with some science behind them.
Source: Diet rules are forever changing — here are the latest health trends – Chicago Tribune


I am a gadget guy. I love new ‘toys’ to the point where they get in the way of my progress sometimes… I figured I would make a list here of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

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My daughter got me this last Christmas and I LOVE it! It’s a little cumbersome to use but that is mainly because I have nowhere to clamp the suction cup down on… My favorite is spiral zucchini instead of pasta or sometimes just as a veggy dish.. cook in a non-stick pan with a little garlic and salt… awesome!!

(affiliate link)

This is such a time saver… literally I can have cut pineapple rings in under 60 seconds.. is it wasteful? Yes… is it fun? YES!! Nothing simpler than this.. cut off the top. Center the device. Start twisting. When you hit the bottom, pull. Remove top handle and slide the spiralized pineapple off. Cut one slit down the stack of pineapple and you now have individual rings that look like they are from a can.

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I never said they would all be healthy gadgets 😉 I spent $15 on an ice cream scoop and here is why… I was so tired of having the cheap ones break as I was trying to get very hard ice cream out of the carton. So I splurged and got his and will never be without one again. It’s heavy and built well… it hold heat well so if you drop it in a bowl of hot water if really cuts through the ice cream. Feel like Batman and get a real ice cream scoop and you will thank me.

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These are not the exact ones I have… Mine were handmade for us, but these look very similar. Basically you can take a bowl and place it in one of these and put it in the micro wave… when its done cooking you can reach in a take it out and not get burned.. I use it a lot for reheating bowls of soup and it really works great!

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Originally I bought these for when I was going to an Axworthy family pot luck last year… I was bringing an ice chest full of corn-on-the cob (another post to follow about that) and I needed a way for people to eat it in an outdoor picnic setting… so I came up with these and Wooden Candy Apple Skewer Sticks which worked like a charm, but then I realized how convenient they are in the kitchen. I am not going to win any environmental awards for this but I do wash less dishes so that saves water and electricity, right? These are great for little portions of snack stuff and you don’t dirty a plate!

(affiliate link)

Great for parties! Makes your drink mixing much easier and you feel cool using them… they go great with…

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Mix your drinks accurately so you get consistent flavors. Doesn’t have to be this exact one but have a jigger in your kitchen/bar inventory.

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I got tired opening a box of chicken or beef stock and not using it all.. then throwing it out a week or month later… so now I can freeze the remainder and put blocks of stock for later use.

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The meatballs sound good… a couple of others are interesting too.. just some ideas for you and for me.

I’m sure you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’d argue that lunch should take that spot. Check out our healthy lunch ideas.

Source: 7 Healthy Lunch Ideas to Help You Power Through Your Day – Nutrition Secrets

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